Dr Kathy Shafagh

Dr. Kathy Shafagh

Dr. Kathy Shafagh began her orthodontist practice in 1993. After treating thousands of patients with traditional braces and witnessing certain discomfort associated with them, Dr. Shafagh began experimenting and using Invisalign on certain patients. The results were astonishing, and the process was far more comfortable. Patients who previously required braces could now see the same results with Invisalign in even less time. Seeing how much more pleasant the experiences of these patients became, Dr. Shafagh set out to create the first Invisalign-only office in the nation. Today, she is a Diamond Invisalign Provider — the highest level of expertise achievable within the industry. In her Invisalign office in Studio City, California, Dr. Shafagh has successfully created beautiful smiles for patients of all ages and professions. With over 20 years of experience, she has worked with all types of people with various needs and treatment plans. Dr. Shafagh is well known in the entertainment industry for her knowledge and appreciation of the ever-changing aesthetic requirements and busy professionals. But she also began her practice with a focus on families and children. While working with kids, Dr. Shafagh makes sure she connects and communicates with them, so they feel included in the treatment and more committed to the results. Team members at Studio City Orthodontist have received extensive training to focus on each patient’s specific needs and expectations using the latest technology in a serene and peaceful environment while incorporating a holistic approach to bring patients a unique and individualized experience. Dr. Shafagh graduated from the University of Texas dental school in 1991 with a full scholarship and was at the top of her class. She continued with a residency at the University of the Pacific in orthodontics and received a Master of Science in 1993. When Dr. Shafagh is not working with patients, she enjoys spending time with her family and practicing yoga and meditation. When her time allows, Dr. Shafagh loves to garden and travel.
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